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Donald Bernard Jenkins[1] (born November 5, 1977), better known as Dizzle and Baby D, is an underground rapper from Atlanta. His first album, Off Da Chain, was released in 2000 on Big Oomp Records. Two years later his follow up, Lil' Chopper Toy was released. A major label bidding war ensued, garnering the young MC a multimillion-dollar deal with Epic Records.[2] He was signed with Koch Records, and released his first mainstream album, A-Town Secret Weapon, on April 29, 2008. Three years later, in 2011, Baby D signed with Mizay Entertainment.[3]

In March 2012, Baby D changed his stage name to Dizzle. On November 1, 2012, he released his third independent album entitled About My Grind. He also created his own label, AMG, or Atlanta Music Group.



 Preston (Piranah Pimptight) Maldonado is a native of the 2nd biggest city in Georgia, Augusta to be exact.
Deeply rooted in southern musical culture by being a major influence in the city’s music scene.
Obtaining recognition for his attributes musically Piranah expanded his creativity to new heights.
This 4 year, self taught script writer has elevated himself by sharing his vision with a likeminded team to collaborate on the show stopping, blockbuster major film THE BLOCK CREW.
Giving audiences around the world a glimpse of his professional abilities in acting as well as directing.
A talented storyteller with a deep desire to make his mark in the industry of film.
His story telling style was greatly influenced by the late great Donald Goines, as well as several other prolific black authors such as Sistah Soulja and Zane.
Destined to make THE BLOCK CREW the first of many urban stories to captivate and entertain audiences all over, Piranah is definitely an underdog to keep your eyes and ears open for. 









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