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Mr. S.O.C.E.™ Bio

Mr. Banks is the proud CEO & Founder of S.O.™ Clothing Empire "S.O.C.E."

Mr. Banks travels all around the world selling his clothing, making new investments and building new business relationships in numerous markets. His clothing line is consistently expanding in availability and is now being sold in numerous countries around the world. His investments in precious metals and gemstones have grown the Empire rapidly.


 The company’s inception (in 2014) came soon after Mr. Banks yearned for a business that would take him all around the world, working with all different types of people and expanding into an Empire that would encompass all different types of businesses. What inspires Mr. Banks the most is making a positive impact in the world through his mission of providing a trendy clothing line, great quality gold and silver, and top of the line precious all natural gems.

Mr. Banks’ main motto for both himself and the company is: “Quality over Quantity.”

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